Criminal Dinner: An Immersive dining experience

 One week before the dinner, all guest receive a personal character. On the day itself we welcome your guests to an elegant evening, on which the story of the crime unfolds: At the table with their closest friends and enemies, people need to work together when solving the crime or conspiring against it. To be successful they need smart communication and teamwork, not silly games or costumes. A facilitator from Narra will help your guests along the way and resolve the crime in the end.



Our first story: "Suits and Lies." The love of their families breaks to modern mafia families apart.





Add Narra's Criminal Dinner to your portfolio for companies and conferences, or use it to introduce your hotel to locals.



Host exclusive Criminal Dinner events to attract new costumers and stand out in your neighborhood.

Service and Pricing

Together we can tailor a event production to your needs. We can manage groups from 6 - 100 people and our pricing ranges around 15EUR pp.  It is possible for you to book us for your own groups or sell tickets via our online channels. Please reach out to us so we can create the best way for you. We currently offer all our services in Dutch, English and German


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